In my previous post I set out my plan to make my Mac a little bit smarter. To do so I ordered some hardware that I probably need for my adventure. I’ve compiled a list that I’ll expand as I buy more stuff.

  • 1x Arduino Mega
  • 2x FQFER Solid State Relay (One with heatsink for the boiler).
  • 8 channel relay board.
  • 4x 1-wire temperature probe with a pullup resistor
  • ESP-11 wifi module.
  • DC 5V 1/8″ NPT Thread Pressure Sensor 30 PSI (2 bar)
  • DC 5V 1/8″ NPT Thread Pressure Sensor 200 PSI (14 bar)
  • 2x HX711 AD Module (for load cell)
  • 2x 1kg Load cell

Today the first shipment arrived, So I’ll have something to play with the next couple of days. Some pictures:

Now, the rest of the stuff needs to come from china, so that may take a while. That gives me some time to work on the software and design the circuits. Notably absent is the plumbing for the espresso machine. I’m not sure of the thread size and diameters of the various pieces of plumbing in the machine. I’ll have to take it apart and measure to make decisions on what I need. I might wait for the stores to open again in NL so that I’m just able to go to a store to get stuff, instead of waiting for a package to arrive (this shipment took a week, instead of a day that was promised.)

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